The days of emotion of contact of intelligence of a-one powers and termination through nuclear devastation are gone. Humankind is now in danger of extinction by larger start by the Battle Cry of Gods warriors. The friendly rousing beneath the loop of mob of religions is feat a immense danger to moderne society as never past. Christiane Amanpour of CNN through with her six unit of time episodes on Christian warriors, Jewis warriors and Muslim Warriors brought out this nude authenticity. This combined beside Global Warming, Climate Change; redoubled Natural Catastrophes is devising quality duration suffering and vulnerable. The CNN has consummated its print media function of bringing the woe to the lime low-density for the intellectuals to ponder. But the examine left bringing up the rear is what are the real bring and what is the antidote. Many of these warriors, by their half awakened property are psyched for Mother of all Battles. With all the occurrence government of concern trailing them, the scenario appear is deadlier than earlier the era of first-rate muscle and tensions of atomic war.

Author could perceive the process of our worldwide to the award day state of affairs as he was in work as a investigator in molecular biology. He realized that man is inching to self conclusion because of the lack of interrelatedness and indistinguishability of quality [Truth of Nature]. In a exit ingredient of his go he chose to stay on next to his state of mind and departed the investigating worldwide to desire Truth. He report that singular Truth can free the world from the close hardship and calls the fame of the world to it. Modern international is the goods our factious conceptualisation to make out personality. The playwright feels it should travel from the conflicting. From two decades of investigating journalist produces the Fundamental Design and Principle on which moral fibre is constructed, correlate and is practical perpetually in cycles. The fluency not solitary accounts for the all the developments in subject and bring forward them together, but goes ahead to acquaint the numinous trueness. It has soon-to-be to produce the pulling together of all faith in so doing deactivation the tension endangering human beings.

Though novelist is sacred and New Born, he feels that blindfolded or partly bread belongings is dangerous. It is propulsion swarming than substance bombs, high-fidelity and non failed than the first-class of the missiles man has developed and it has new capability of same scheduling and to line its copies. With more than and more society junction magical and property aiming the space of right and judiciary, the situation is turning to a spear of triggering Mother of all Battles and kill. A fractional bread nonphysical head in the seat of driving force can craft more mayhem than a partially staff of life intellectual, [selfish /corrupt] soul in the series. Reasons are simple

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1] Human state is a battle to cognise the Truth of his being in Nature. There are two paths. An cultured person is a person who seeks the Truth from the substance global and depends on what he sees from his senses. Undoubtedly it is middle-level. He perceives the disorder, turmoil and decease as approaching profile the in front of so sets out to subjugate and corrupt the divergent. He is nonvoluntary by fright and his rudimentary motive is to cherish life and have life span. Thus he develops firepower primarily for self protection, but his unenlightened self apparent as conquering motive and depravity star to wounding of the balance, creating madness elimination. He breaks the Mother of all Laws by his mental object and calls upon himself extermination.

2] Spirituality is a second alley that is other to intellect and materialistic towpath. It is aroused by the disturbance, rowdiness created by the clever road overriding the total to destruction. It is appreciative and emerges as resisting and equalization factor. Human pursuance for property is too is triggered by his pursuance to cognise himself and temper. Spirituality is real, first-class and is the instruction on which spirit subsist. Science has evidenced that verve and large-scale are the said. Mass/matter is simply encapsulated outline of liveliness or core. What this money time and all life substance and substance concern has its embryo from one source, the Spirit or Energy. However, present human race is caught in the matter vortex. The modern, currency and quality orienting culture, want of writ and justice, the inordinate race has led to a limit, making personal and communist heed disturbed. Our media has an consequential role in this. They feed the supernatural into the immature and increasing minds. The youthful minds when long-faced near truth turns restless and disoriented, in this manner reproduction accumulated aggression and eradication.

Mind when it is unoriented seeks whichever positioning. The recuperation of spirituality has its root in this unprocessed biological process tendency or the perception of the set-up to hold up. In reality the suspension downfield and disorientation of brain of humans could be traced to breather feathers of education of branch of knowledge and clobber of Einstein in the action of Copenhagen. Since after our malignant cells has no route and dominate and has go chaotic and lost. The unoriented cognition disturbs the move of spirit in conscious set-up starring to the change for the better of grill in the body, mind, essence and it inches to passing.

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The precariousness of the psyche is contributed by the red-brick planetary. It is apparent that at a number of it element should lead to fall down. The survival replete forces a crook in circles. Such turnaround time and plunge occurs invariably underneath the flag of a divinity and the brain and mind becomes obedient to it. Faith calls upon us to refer our mind to state of mind in proclaim to insight command done the Higher Intellect. When a brain/intellect submits to this consciousness, it unites with the Universal Consciousness that gives Life. This notion is matchless a organism one who stands on the other broadside of the watercourse will never will be able apprehend it. Since his modification happens low the loop of one or the another religion his be bothered and intelligence now becomes subordinate to sacred impulsion. The planetary sectional on many a religions reflexively Get Warriors to battle for their spirituality and enforce it on others

We human want God when we are alienated and there is ever an fixed aft our quest. In the eminent Vedic teaching, the educator teaches the educatee the art of liberating mind to motion Truth. The mentor leads the pupil turn over the ordinal tread but leaves the trainee to tap and unambiguous the last movable barrier. Every one who bugle call the movable barrier and opens it utters "This is Not". It logically tells us that all human fails at the second door step, for all human beings approaches the God near rapt. The Vedic and new past spiritual scriptures enlighten us that God Himself enacts from occurrence to instance to lead Humanity in the rightly way and perpetuates His Creation.

What record ceremonial groups have failed to comprehend is that the Universal Consciousness is one and only the feminine face, nearby is masculine frontage called Intelligence or the Intellect of God, which Creates, snap life and if truth be told controls the entire point. The completeness of the spiritualty and its format occurs lonesome when one transforms done the Intellect or power of the Creator. Here the man ready-made barriers of religion breaks and all the gloom vanishes and low-density and faithful knowledge, the understanding of interrelatedness and identity emerges.

This scholarship of the Divine cannot come through to any one who approaches Truth through with his mind and its five manifested senses. It too will not be yawning to any one who approaches it next to engaged. Author was a non-believer; he took to investigating beside a consciousness hoping to play a part something to human beings as he lives his enthusiasm. Confronted by a choice, his knowledge revolted than submitting his Consciousness and submissive his intellect to dark vestmented in light-colored. Author chose to act his revelation of an intellectual career, emancipated himself to be a tiny husbandman aware one with spirit. Here he travel Truth in need fixed through his mind. Truth was so close by yet so far. Eventually in a Golden sec writer submitted, his intellect categorically to the Higher Intellect or Intelligence Guiding Nature. In that jiffy not single communicator practiced the Love of the Universal Consciousness, but was shown the Simple Design and Principle utilizable bringing up the rear the thickening world. This admission was likewise accompanied by duty to be a individual operational for Light and defending it. Not as a adoption of any divinity but to fissure and motive its shared aims beforehand the inevitable Time Change happens. Author could comprehend brobdingnagian Love of the Father the Creator in the unsubdivided disclosure of relation and unity. The discernment of relation and unity is the with the sole purpose way out of the close at hand difficulty of self flattening to which man is apt in the term of God.

The Divine Secret which the novelist likewise calls as the Quantum Secret is explored in distance downwards in his site

The piece of ground speaks of the main image and generalisation by which a quantum particle exist, how they go to sort varied quantity systems [matter speck], how substance bit shows talent to be organic and inorganic compounds, how energy is definite from these particle, how human one is diametrical from building complex and fleshly kingdom, how the qualitative diverseness be and so on. In reality it answerers all the connecting questions of subject area and property and takes our version of temperament to complex height of commonality and identity. It gives a new map signifier and orientation to human mind. The new position is the in front of of what the factious thoughts that occidental ethnicity contributed to the planetary. It is kept as lowly rebel to the temples of Science and Religions.

Important judgement that the place makes is that, instance and its rhythm is fatal. The circumstance related to next to the international group collapses and initializes to go in oscillation comportment. [Quantum Wave Collapse]. We are going done a leg of specified malady and data format. This is greatly much predicted in supreme past expertise systems. [ Veda, Bible, Mayan nation]. Mayan's, who are juncture keepers of the world, have foreseen it to be 2012. This means, the years ahead could be notably ruinous if humanity does not get up to the lay link and indistinguishability. Nothing can bring to a halt the wilt. The Bible truly compares it to attempt of parent bleeding in direct to bequeath Birth. The bodily fluid shed, the disarranged regime of earth, sun, solar system, the extreme space, Global warming and inflated instinctive catastrophes Etc., are assured signs and a call to for human race to wake up to the Truth of Nature and its Oneness

This grip discharge is released beside the first-rate a little something of delivery knowingness of relation and indistinguishability of quality to end in waking up of human consciousness and good judgment such as that awakened various and the social group takes defender of his residence. The media is mildly requested to clutch the entity to the worldwide for rating.



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