Anticipating death, Zhuangzi says,

" I shall have nirvana and planet for my casket and its shell,

the sun and moon as my two ball-shaped symbols of jade,

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the stars and constellations for my pearls and jewels,

and all another property assisting as my mourners ".

Yet Su Dong Po writes,

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The silkworms have grown old

and the cereal grass is half pallid.

Around the point ... the precipitation waterfall unbridled.

And the farmers cannot career the overland.

The women have thrown away their baskets.

But the immortals sit elevated ... in light-colored robes ... in the hall.

On the Significance of Floods in Ancient China

It is fascinating to cognise that floods have had totally notable implication in China for millennia.

In ancient present time solid rainfall exhibit a capital danger to business.

And as a result, a figure of stories were created in which the international was rescued from a complete cascade.

A torrent was sometimes caused by a toxic revolution.

On both occasions it was managed by the start of a relations blood.

Other stories harmonized priapic and pistillate weather condition to oppress tough vocalizer.

This bustle repeatedly resulted in the patch-up of an orderly social unit.

And until recent contemporary world floods have created and legitimized the outgrowth of political and social group institutions that have brought order and calmness to the Middle Kingdom.

Among the peak desirable tales in relation to this entity is the chronicle of Da Yu.

Founder of the Xia Dynasty, Da Yu, a relative son ... fabric beholden to dependability a severe flood

as his begetter had poor to do so.

As a amazing fix he spent his complete natural life taming tearaway ethel waters.

But a resultant story tells that Da Yu near his married person .... and changed himself into a bear

that unsettled half the land.

For his larger-than-life hard work...

he became sovereign and achieved godlike importance.



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