In mitology and old philosophia, quality consists of iv rudimentary elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Water. Allthough, B.C. philosophia is sophistical today, one of our life sources is "Earth" that world eats it's products everyday, is more valuable not solely for World but besides for Turkey nowadays. The new economic, geographic and civic requisites renovation the distrubition of people over Turkey, therefore a new job becomes to exterior which is named colonization from villiage to municipality areas can be derived to these three species of problems: Economical, Social and Local.

The original rationale of migration can be explained nether Economic difficulties label. It is proverbial that, a villiager can acquire cremation by restricted way but across the world by factory farm. Villiager has more teething troubles roughly factory farm present. One of this difficulties is bulkiness of agribusiness areas they have. According to informations taken from Turkey Government Statistic Institute, near fourth of commercial enterprise areas in Turkey is, minor than 0.1 hectar, 19% of areas measures linking 0.1 and 0.2 hectar, 32% of areas measures 0.2 and 0.5 hectar and near fourth part of this areas' vastness is linking 0.5 and 0.9 hectar (Zaman , 2003). Dr. Karaata says, "According to researches, a villiager loved ones of necessity 10 hectars breadth in Turkey's system conditions, so 85% of our business enterprise areas is not adequate to continue a villiager kinfolk." (Zaman, 2003) Moreover, mechanication in agribusiness is a deep-seated reservation for villiagers and an far-reaching purpose for motion. Technology and factory farm machines matured simultaneously, thus unemployement in villiages hyperbolic. As a result, because of unbalanced industrilization, municipality areas has become much mesmerizing for villiagers. This is adequate to be a plea for colonization to sweat as a someone at business zones.

Another make happen of motion can be summarised by two words: Social Problems. Generally, Turkish villiages have own traditions and peak of this traditions separate family, particularly women from exterior. With TV channels, this isolations are cracked. Family members donkey work until evening, after activity locomote to house, time drinking a soup, break open the TV. Scenery is: A cocktail, men and women drinks wine, they verbalize about problemless natural life. Women are much at liberty than villiager women. Erman says that, female person who works eighter at smallholding or at sett and lives at her husband's home, possessed by her house desires to be more support in big cities. She is wanting to be a conurbation resident and cheer his better half in this way("Köyden Kente Göç, Yoksulluk ve Kadın", 2001, maternity. 1). Moreover TV shows better off lives and villiager men realises that he can't be more wealthy than a farmer and big ideals put together the municipal more tempting. TV supported lure of metropolis existence develop movement beside regnant phenomenon of shoot up of people at the same time with unemployement.

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The closing happening that causes to move is around regional technical hitches which are not large-scale for all move happenings ended Turkey. Terrorism is furthermost famous example for this topic. Terrorism is a hitch not lonesome for Eastern Turkey but too for all of Turkish grouping but, it is a unwellness for easternmost villiages's residents. Until Apo, who is the captain of dissentious violent arrangement PKK has been caught by Turkish Officers, PKK was the supreme in-chief ill for East and Southeast Anatolia. It is stated that fright difficulty menaces people's existence and their investment. This danger impulsion the villiagers to transmigrate (Görentaş, "Türkiye'de Köyden Kente Göçün Siyasal Yansımaları", n.d. , parity. 14). Another area hitch is roughly affairs of state services in a number of areas. A trifling figure of migrations are derived from fewness of eudaemonia and nurture facilities.

As sum as, migration is the large quirk of Turkey which is maximum of value intention of unemployement, transgression and diminution of agribusiness. Unfortunately, Turkey is awfully belatedly to adaptation it's economic sources to brawny industry. Most noted lucre sources of our province are business and agriculture. So, movement conundrum has to be investigated and solved. During investigation, it is untrue to track a prepared way beside over-emphasing these three way.

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