It's no concealed that 2006 was a excessive year for trout sportfishing. And we have whichever new files to be it!

Thirteen states denote new fish files in 2006, one of which is inert next for a new Junior Angler World Record. And British Columbia has two future annals for Rainbow trout caught beside fly rods.

The early articulate to diary a new trout text is Alabama. A Rainbow fish consideration 9lbs-1oz was caught by Otha G. Hamm in Mudd Creek in Tannehill State Park on April 22, 2006. This bust the old journal of 7lbs-4oz, set in 2004.

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Arizona likewise tape-recorded two new Rainbow fish documents as capably a new Apache fish narrative. Arizona is one of those states that separates its trout documentation into polar categories. The new Inland Water (Hook & Line) journal for Rainbow trout was set in September 2006 by Harold Wright. Harold reeled in a 32.5 in Rainbow fish advisement 15lbs-9.12oz) out of Willow Springs Lake.

Arizona also tape-recorded a new Rainbow fish register in the 'catch and release' assemblage. This diary was set in March 2006 by Jeff Senn once he reeled in a 22.5 inch Rainbow fish out of Silver Creek.

A 20 linear unit Apache fish was force out of Christmas Tree Lake by Cameron Frieh in July 2006, thereby environment a new dictation. This fish was besides released put money on into the water.

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In January 2006, James Harold Cohasset reeled in a 28.33lbs property arc fish activity 33.5 inches in fundamental quantity in California. This set a new order history for place rainbow fish.

Connecticut new motherland narrative for Rainbow fish is inactive unfinished. The fish was caught by Billy Lutgen in July 2006 and weighed 7lbs-8oz. It was reeled out of Norwalk River.

Colorado too has two new Rainbow fish documentation pending. Both library were caught by David Pesi in August 2006 and were force out of Big Thompson River in the Rocky Mountains. The initial fish weighed 1lbs-3oz and the 2d weighed 1lbs-5oz. The 2d fish was too caught victimization a fly rod.

Idaho has a new Splake fish record, filmed in May 2006. It weighed 10lbs-12.48 oz, mensuration 28.5 inches in fundamental measure. Brian Allison caught it in Ririe Reservoir victimisation a Frenzy Deep River Lure.

New York has a new Brook fish record thankfulness to Jesse Yousey. In May 2006, Jesse used a Lake Clear Wobler trap to totter in his 4lb-15oz Brook trout out of Five Ponds Wilderness band.

North Carolina tape-recorded a new Rainbow trout text of 20lbs-3oz caught in Horsepasture River by Leah Johnson. Leah utilized a Rapala lure.

Vermont's new Rainbow fish evidence was set by Harry Hunt in March 2006 once he reeled in 13lbs-12oz trout out of Lake Dunmore.

Virginia boasted a new world journal for Spotted Seatrout (Speckled trout) in January 2006. The trout, weighing 12lbs-1oz was caught by Barclay Shepard at Money Point.

Wisconsin's new inland sea narrative for Rainbow trout was set in June 2006 by Will Lusthoff once he reeled in a 12lbs-3oz trout out of Elbow Lake. Wills' fish measured 29.5 inches in length.

And finishing but not least, Wyoming as well has a new Tiger trout record, as of July 2006. Greg Salisbury's Tiger fish weighed 1lb-10oz and measured 16.5 inches in length.

The International Game & Fish Association (IGFA) besides has 3 NEW WORLD TROUT RECORDS PENDING!

The prototypic pending worldwide copy is for a Brown fish caught by young schemer Christopher Miller in October 2006. His trout weighed 14lbs-9oz and was reeled out of Dry Run Creek in Arkansas.

The adjacent two pending international store in the Fly Rod accumulation and are for Bull fish. Both were caught in August 2006 out of Wigwam River in British Columbia, Canada. The initial Bull fish was 10lbs-8oz (caught by Josh Splinter) and the 2nd was 18lbs 8oz (caught by A. Matthew Eggert). Tippet sizes were different

Records are made to be broken, so here's desire you all better chance in 2007!



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