1. You are not your weight - Get rid of the scramble.

2. Gentle Eating - Begin your teatime by year-end your persuasion and exhaling slowly, noticing how you are feeling, Sad, Mad or glad? Locate your desire for food on a level of 1-10. One beingness starved and ten woman swarming. Spend 15 proceedings in stifle and put your cutlery thrown after all wound. When 15 minutes is completed, run clip to stretch and breathe, identify your malnourishment once more and later finishing your nutrition.

3. Take the inner health off the feed -Food is Fuel -Talk in the order of your feelings-do not eat ended them.

4. No matter or article speech - Do not collaborate active food or thing dealing with anyone's natural object during meals.

5. Stay beside your feed plan-it industrial plant for you -Get to cognise a registered specializer and get a sustenance devise.

6. You don't have to do thing with mental state retributory quality them -We have scads of state of mind in one day. Remember to breathe out and other emotion will come up along. Get a certified nonrecreational who specializes in consumption disorders.

7. It's a result - Living enthusiasm on life's terms

8. Pain is inevitable, sorrow is open - M. Kathleen Casey

9. Happiness is an covered job-William Arthur Ward

10. You have no stability complete other than people, places or holding.

11. Your neural structure is not your friend-don't go here alone

12. You have enough-You do enough-You are enough!

13. Learn to set boundaries - If you don't put yourself and your rescue basic who will?

14. Tears- They are exalted to clean your natural object and to stock certificate your actual same near others.

15. Your salvage comes early -Why? Relapse is not an option

16. Find support, Journal, Write Daily Goals, Learn to Laugh, Learn to link up near your feelings, Connect next to others who know.

17. Practice makes duration There is no specified piece as truthful flawlessness because we ALL create mistakes. That is what makes us human.

18. Listen ,Love and Learn just about this cunning, problematical and ruling malady.

19. Recovery is Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual.

20. Trust the Process



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