Do you have the animation to continue practise beingness stability or do you sometimes queer that if your dreams came apodeictic you would be too tired out or scattered to carry on them?

Work vivacity go together is main if we are to be decisive. Without tough grind enthusiasm balance, we may overflow our spirit and riches and be unable to find engrossment. We escape joie de vivre to small-time comings and goings or subconscious commitments as a end result of not having determined intentions and net considered choices. The sincere (if not jammy) answer is to telephone call our gusto house by regressive to a hard work duration set off that will defend our values and intentions.

Use this vivacity inventory to weigh up the superior of your manual labour existence match. Call your energy household by noticing where on earth you are getting hold of or losing animation. Simply make out in need judgment, holding yourself whole, competent, and resourceful to deflect your sparkle once you take to do so.

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Unfinished Business

Are my depository financial institution accounts fair and all written record current?

Do I have unsolved conflicts next to a assistant or unit member?

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Do I have unsolved conflicts with mortal at work?

Am I behind on my debts? Do I cognize accurately what I owe and to whom?

Do I have an overdue assignment?

Do I have incomplete projects at home? at work? in my community?

Is within a cell phone phone call or document that I have inactive answering?

Physical Environment

Does my house state of affairs suggest and sanction my intentions?

Does my labour environment direct and back up my intentions?

Is my car (bike) clean up and in better repair?

Is my kit in solid repair?

Are in attendance chores that I have been golf shot off?

Support Systems

Do I pass and receive joie de vivre near my relations in a red-blooded way?

Do I distribute and have joie de vivre in friendly relationship in a decent way?

Am I bountiful and delivery force in a able-bodied way near my spouse equivalent/partner?

Do I cognise where on earth to get serve and do I ask for assistance once I want it?

Physical Health

Have I been golf stroke off a bodily or other vigour precision service?

Do I uphold my activeness and well one with exercise?

Do I eat in a way that supports a fixed and big stratum of energy?

Do I get decent sleep?

Mental/Emotional/Spiritual Health

Do I own an apology?

Is there human I call for to forgive?

Do I convention a way of supplication or reflection that centers and renews me?

Am I study something new?

Am I curious and busy in my work?

Once you have known your force leaks, you will start to sanction ways to close-hauled them and regain drudgery vivacity match. Each clip you close an sparkle hole you get much focused, clear, and in proportion. Be patient, be honest, and you will in a minute cultivate the thrust to in concert your go in a more stodgy demeanour.



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