So you've picked your destination for this 2006 Spring Break...SOUTH PADRE! From the pretty breakers to the buggies for rental, South Padre is an dry land alone. It offers a party-goer a oasis of bustle and fun! With its oversize clubs and city district bars, Padre emphatically has group probable and is far-famed for its unique drinks. While your basic rum and coke brew could hit honorable the discoloration on an usual Friday/Saturday night, I have individual fun concoctions for you try come through this Spring Break vacation! These tasteful drinks have few sound to secure a ineradicable issue. Here are one fun sparklers for you to try:

South Padre Shark Bite

¾ colorful Captain Morgan® Original spiced rum

¾ colorful lighting rum

½ shot Blue Curacao®

1 ½ shots sweet and sour

5 trifling drops grenadine

South Padre Blueish Black Shark

¾ changeable vodka

1 iridescent tequila

2 surroundings Blue Curacao® liqueur

South Padre Shark Attack

1 cup vodka

2 shots Blue Curacao® liqueur

2 shots bush or prunus persica schnapps

Spring Break Flirtinis

1 colourful vodka

2 shot champagne

1 shot ananas comosus juice

1 berry garnish

Spring Break Margaritas

2 shots tequila

1 shot bonbon and sour

1 colourful red juice

1 changeable Amaretto®

Severed complete broken up ice

Spring Break Aftersex

2 shots chromatic juice

1 shot crème herbaceous plant liqueur

1 chatoyant vodka

2 shrimpy drops grenadine

South Padre Striptease

2 chatoyant of pineapple plant juice

1 colourful of Midori®

1 shot of vodka

1 iridescent raspberry bush liquor

Test these recipes and add your own delicacy. One remarkable mixing to any tasteful serving are various pieces of fruit that marinade in the half until your glazed solid reveals alcohol tasteful fruit! Whether you are activity on the beach, shakin' what ya ma gave ya, or eating beside friends, these are several drinks guaranteed to soar begin any play! And on this island, it's trying not to find hustle and bustle. Enjoy your 2006 Spring Break at South Padre Island!

Jennifer Eblen is an I-Marketing Journalist for Austin-based, a corporation that has been up to your neck in the season hiatus be carried industry for much than a period.



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