Windows Server 2003 has several of the subsequent to features to minister to shelter your firm environment:

There is now flora belongings that allows you to authorize otherwise companies in your WAN done Active Directory, this simplifies numerous shelter issues for shelter and scheme administrators.

Kerberos is now visible finished Windows Server 2003 to permit for finer and more secure assay-mark.

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Credential Manager allows secure retention for usernames and passwords as symptomless as certificates.

You can now representative what services can admittance else treasures on your grating.

.NET positive identification is now united next to Active Directory aloowing SSO or bachelor hint on.

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RBAC or Remote Based Access Control you can appoint more prompt restrictions to manage accession to hearsay.

Systems administrators can veto software system to run, with the Software Restrcition Policy.

In Windows 2003 you can method of accounting policy alerts and even set up audits of personal users!

Account Management wood IP addresses and even calls for Logon and Logoff events.

You can now log indemnity events in authentic clip and goods them to a SQL information to anaylze future.

PKI or Public Key Infrastructure is is net of digital certificates and CA or Certificate Authorities to corroborate you are who you really say you are. This is wonderful for ecommerce systems, weighing E-Bay. You want to cognise if your really bounteous your recognition paper hearsay to E-Bay or E-fake.

Windows Server 2003 now helps beside Wireless 802.1x., you can modify PEAP which is covert EAP for authentication.
I suggest mistreatment WPA in simultaneity. he encrytpion protocl they use is named EFS.EFS uses AES-256 which is extremely hefty encryption. There should be safety in complexity applied.Two word form hallmark should be practical such as as statistics and passwords.Take a outer shell at RSA protected ID cards.This provides great authetication for users on the push relating to the business firm networks, or even territory. I like-minded depart spring solutions myself or even third organization vendors for secret writing such as as RSA .



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